Today’s question:
How can I best prepare for an interview for a senior role in a company with a significant focus on partner motion, specifically in the technology and reseller sectors, including understanding the basic organizational structure, key performance indicators (KPIs) to be aware of, industry-specific lingo and processes, and strategic considerations for long-term success?
Today’s answer:
We do a lot of SFDC measurement and enablement around ABX Marketing which includes partners vs direct.  Some of this has to do with whether you are entering into reselling or co-selling relationships and whether or not you are looking to sell to new vendors or existing ones. Here are the KPIs we typically see or help model out:
  • Number of new leads/accounts from partners [month]
  • Active pipeline value from reseller partners [quarter]
  • Number of joint customers acquired [quarter]
  • Partner-sourced cost-per-acquisition benchmarking
  • Deal conversion rates by partner
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