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Common client questions

and how B2B Fusion helps:

How do we grow revenue faster?

B2B Fusion helps you:

    • Identify best practices and close the gaps in your systems and revenue process
    • Get a non-biased overview of what’s stopping you from achieving your revenue goals
    • Ensure you have a good process in place for increasing revenue
    • Reduce time to market value of Account Based programs
    • Learn from 100s of other businesses' experiences about the same process you're having trouble with

How do we measure Marketing impact in one company dashboard?

B2B Fusion helps you:

• Gain insights into your marketing and sales funnel with one unified platform

• Align marketing and sales around a single source of truth

• Use existing technology to cut down on time spent managing data

• Utilize Salesforce to see everything in one place

• Leverage existing technology for better ROI

• Make informed marketing decisions based on data and not guesses

• Receive reports from the platform that helps with making data-driven decisions.

How do we get ROI out of our tech stack?

B2B Fusion helps you:

  • Stop wasting time and money on new investments
  • Release the value of your investment by getting a health check
  • Improve ROI on marketing and sales investments
  • Get an in-depth assessment of different options that can boost productivity.

How can we use an Account Based strategy to grow faster?

B2B Fusion helps you:

  • By providing insightful research and custom Account Plans
  • Utilize an Account-Based Strategy to focus on high value accounts only
  • Increase ROI by using fewer resources
  • Increase your sales effectiveness by identifying and uncovering key opportunities for your company.
  • Improve the productivity of your employees while working more efficiently in Salesforce.

How can we improve our retention?

B2B Fusion helps you:

  • Research the underlying reasons why customers churn
  • Work to retain your clients with a personalized plan

Client:  How do we measure traditional Lead Generation model with Account Based Marketing in one funnel?

B2B Fusion delivers value by:

    • Creating a unified salesforce funnel for lead gen and account based marketing
    • Ensuring your business has reporting at their fingertips in one place to measure volume, velocity, channel and more
    • Helping measure the Return on Investment of any go-to-market effort

Client: What is the roadmap to succeed with Account Based experiences in our company?

B2B Fusion delivers value by:

  • Creating a gap analysis to see where your company is now and where you need to be
  • Achieving clarity on best practice in your industry with Account Based Roadmaps
  • Creating account plans based on research from other companies in your industry
  • Sharing dashboards of the results so you can improve

Client:  Buyers are challenging to reach in this environment.  What outreach strategy should we be leveraging?

B2B Fusion delivers value by:

  • Customizing outreach strategy to your business
  • Aligning your marketing/sales cadences for conversion success
  • Researching tailored personas to help you connect with buyers

How do we get more lead flow going?   We’ve built a Marketing Qualified Lead model but we’re not sure if it is right.

B2B Fusion delivers value by:

  • Creating an on-going proactive approach to lead generation
  • Streamlining your systems to successfully deal with the new demands of constantly changing technology
  • Improving conversion rates through email marketing best practices


Client:  What is the right set of investments we should be making for a company our stage?

B2B Fusion delivers value by:

  • Maximizing marketing spend in a way that delivers the most impactful performance
  • Spending less time on MarTech while doing more than you would have before
  • Learning from the expertise of other top marketers and CMOs who've been there, done that.

Data drives our Sales and Marketing productivity.  How do we know we have the right data strategy, what should we be doing differently?

B2B Fusion provides value by:

  • Gaining insight into the performance of your data management
  • Creating a roadmap for improvement and growth through an assessment
  • Improving communication between sales and marketing teams

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