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Client:  How do we measure traditional Lead Generation model with Account Based Marketing in one funnel?

  • B2B Fusion creates a Unified Salesforce Funnel for Lead Gen and Account Based Marketing
    • B2B Fusion delivers value by:
      • ensuring you have credible reporting for any go-to-market function
        • in one unified dashboard
        • for one source of truth
        • measuring volume, velocity, channel

    Client:  How does our Account Based Strategy compare to others? 

    What is the roadmap to get there quickly?

    B2B Fusion delivers value by:

    • Creating a gap analysis - where you are to where you need to be so you get clarity on best practices
    • Creating Account Based Roadmaps with quick wins so you can execute faster based on industry based practices
    • Helping you maximize your selling time with target account selection, validation,  Account Plans with Research.
    • Dashboarding results so you can improve
    Client:  Buyers are difficult to reach in this environment.  What outreach strategy should we be leveraging?

    B2B Fusion delivers value by:

    • Saving you time aligning to your Target Market Themes
    • Helping you with conversion with regular planned cadences that are aligned with Sales & Marketing
    • Helping with Persona based research to improve your odds of conversion

    Client:  How do we get more lead flow going?   We’ve built a Marketing Qualified Model but we’re not sure if it is right.

    Where B2B Fusion helps:

    • Assessing system and process health to make sure you are maximizing your ROI
    • Email deliverability best practices to ensure you maximize your conversion opportunities.


    Client:  New to my role.  Need an assessment. but don't want to overspend. 

    What is the right set of investments we should be making for a company our stage?

    B2B Fusion delivers:

    • MarTech ROI
      • Optimizing existing MarTech Stack
      • MarTech Healthcheck
      • MarTech Stack augmentation, if truly needed
    • Or if a CMO is not present, CMO on Demand Services to bridge a gap:
      • Budget planning
      • Resource planning
      • Target Market planning
      • Persona Research
      • Account Planning Research

    Client:  Data drives our Sales and Marketing productivity.  How do we know we have the right data strategy, what should we be doing differently?

    B2B Fusion provides:

    • A productivity assessment of your data as it drives the value of your Sales & Marketing investments.
    • This approach could lead to:
      • Data governance strategy
      • Data tools recommendations
      • Data vendor recommendations

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