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Read and listen to how we think of our Account Based and Revenue Acquisition Strategies.




Read and listen to how we think of our Account Based and Revenue Acquisition Strategies.

How do I create an Account Plan? A Framework.

Account-based strategy in sales and marketing is a focused approach that targets key accounts and tailors strategies to the specific needs and characteristics of each account. This method is particularly effective in multi-organizational contexts, where the complexity...

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How do I measure Partner Marketing? A framework.

Today's question: How can I best prepare for an interview for a senior role in a company with a significant focus on partner motion, specifically in the technology and reseller sectors, including understanding the basic organizational structure, key performance...

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How do I budget Marketing this year?

🎅 B2B Marketing budget season - a directional SaaS tip based on two questions: ❓ What marketing investment is needed to deliver $1 of ARR in a SaaS business? 💰 How do I, for example, plan to budget in increments of $100k to generate $7.5M in pipeline and $1.5M in...

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Sales Ops, Marketing Ops, RevOps – a Framework

Sales Ops, Marketing Ops, RevOps – a Framework

Here is a detailed guide on thinking about roles and responsibilities for sales ops, marketing ops, and RevOps:   Overall, the key areas that operations roles focus on across sales, marketing, and revenue include data, processes, systems, and deliverables....

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The Jolt Effect

The Jolt Effect

In the high-stakes world of sales, it's essential to pinpoint the real roadblock to closing deals. It turns out, the culprit is often not a customer's comfort with the status quo but their sheer indecision. "The Jolt Effect" sheds light on this, revealing through...

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6sense ABX Roadmap – our hot take

6sense ABX Roadmap – our hot take

TLDR; World according to Jon's interpretation of the roadmap session and based on our depth of ABX experiences across 6sense platform and others - with its breadth of new capabilities, 6sense appears to be wanting to compete more with ZoomInfo (as a more sophisticated...

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