Email effectiveness during global pandemic.

This is the most effective cold email I’ve received in 2021.

This template could be reused at scale.

First, she reached and prospected via email, not LinkedIn.

1. Subject line icon; studies consistently show higher probability of open with icon in subject line. B2C marketers know this best – watch your holiday emails if you don’t believe me.

2. Starts with a compliment – shows she knows a bit about me (and spells my name properly which surprisingly is an issue with others.) So I’m reading on. Didn’t require a ton of research here on her part.

3. Pattern interrupt – she asks if I received a Starbucks card – I go back searching in my email to see what I missed. I go to Starbucks maybe 2x/year but I was mindlessly searching in email for something I felt I may have lost. Wasn’t quite quid pro quo status (my time is worth more than coffee) but it had me engaged. BTW, she sends the Starbucks link on a subsequent response – so IDK if it was intentional or not, but the meeting cost her company a cup of coffee ONLY if I engaged. Brilliant.

4. Compliment again – shows she knows a bit about what we’ve been working on – but this could be a template of any influencer or buyer spoken very generically – yet was relevant.

5. Identifies competing solutions she thinks we work with – forces me to think and compare to what she thinks to what actually is. But the fact that she tried impressed me. This wasn’t an automated outreach we all get. Again this could be templatized and likely was given the set of competitors she mentions.

6. Wasn’t even on my radar screen to look at her solution – but as I responded and asked questions, it is now on my radar screen.

Help a Sales or BDR person out as we close out the year in what is a challenging time to reach buyers – what types of email messages or techniques resonate best with buyers right now?