KPIs/Marketing ROI

Need to measure Marketing ROI or create a dashboard to articulate your function’s value to the Executive or Board?  According to Adobe/Omniture in 2012, less than 20% have full confidence in how to measure marketing.  According to SiriusDecisions, only 14 percent of b-to-b marketing functions have a fully automated dashboard; of these, only half report the data in their dashboard is of high quality.

We provide you a unique combination of practical experience, strategic consulting, and a strong metrics and analytics capability using a collaborative process to allow you to:
  • Outsource any or all of your Marketing Operations function (dashboards, reporting) so you can focus on strategic elements of your business
  • Articulate the value your team brings to the table in terms of business impact
  • Improve customer acquisition and retention via KPIs
  • Facilitate fact-based strategic and investment decisions

We can help you plan effective dashboards which require careful planning and key performance indicator (KPI) selection, proper setting of expectations and strong processes.